The Conscience of The King




These are rough mixes of four tracks form our upcoming full length.

We Are John Larkin, Cassidy DW, Myles Coyne, & Jamie Yanda



released March 21, 2012

Recorded in Milwaukee, WI by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings.



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TEMPLE Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Warm Chamber
You took your shirt off,
but you didn't have to---- I love you.
and I felt older.
It was dark, and I couldn't quite see you,
but I could see the blood of your bra,
and my stomach in the yard,
whatever good things make psalm,
are gone.

And for the first time you open up all your warmth to me,
and force it into me.
Crush my mouth and teeth.
There is no grace when swept with joy,
harsh and quiet,
like my face torn up from crying.
Or all your indecision.
A pyramid, a chamber in it thrust wide open,
where I have been chosen, to explore, learn, and protect it.
But you have to trust it, you have to trust in it. Trust me.

(And into the night, I see a light come down, down, down down.)

And it hung on the sky, with the christmas tree and some stars,
and the dogs howled between us, I can only know myself again
every door is open once again,
the revolving doors have trapped us in this farce,
the bending waves of glass cannot exist,
I'm spelunking through your chambers and they are warm.
I'm feeling every instinct drain through your fist.

Forced courage. it was worth it.
Track Name: Fox River Revisited
I'm shaking like I've been caged all night.
I'm shaking like I've been caged all night.
I'm shaking like I've been caged all night.
And you know it. You know it.
I'm shaking all the rats from my hide.
I'm shaking all the rats from my hide.
I'm shaking all the rats from my hide.
Gnaw into it, gnaw into it.
I'm quiet like The Knife in my side,
I'm quiet like The Knife in my side,
I'm crying down Riverside Drive,
I can't help it, I can't help it.

I know I never was beautiful enough for me,
I want to wear my skins down,
I want to chew my cheeks out.
And once you told me, you're always sorry, nose so ugly,
triangle-breasted canary,
puked/ high school in the sunshine morning.

I'm riding my bike,
I touch your spine,
give me a sign,
have I wasted all of my life?
Now it's time, I hear the fireworks whine overhead,
while your friend's phone goes dead,
this moment is mine, you look into my eyes,
into my head and I realize and sigh,
there is nothing I can do that will ever change the way that I am, or the things that I do,
or the way you see me, or the way you see you,
so fuck it,
I sing this song, it's where I belong.
I sing for fun, the shame is gone.
Track Name: Football On Stage
Let's sort this shit out. Your friends have never loved you.
They love your East High Jersey next to the toilet as some Bro's party.
And as for the girl you've been fucking, she knows there's something missing.
She wasn't raised to be a play thing. Yet, she loves how you make her feel like a lady!
“Shut up and put out! Don't text me from the Friday Night Lights crowd.”
“Too clingy, she'd rather see me singing! I've got that swing and I've got that feeling. Oh.”

Something pulls at my sleeve in the dark of the morning.
Fragments of anything wash through me cutting deep into my wanting.
I want it, I want, I want anything moving and creeping in a line towards the light.
I'm sleeping, and hunting, and hurting, and haunting. I will never forget what you did to me.
You monster! Monster! Killer!
Track Name: Jasmine & Her Door
Having visions of me standing in the stairwell alone,
painted yellow like the window like the butterfly pinned down,
I took off my gown, sung the siren song,
while the hope drowned under the siren sound.

And in the schoolyard playing football feel the knot come undone,
like the yarn of my insides could be loved by someone,
like a gift of a sweater to keep you warm like the sun,
to protect your kisses from the running hands to the “try me” button.

Crawling up my legs,
put your strange hand up to my face,
show me magic and then walk away,
birds will chirp, and trees will sway,
cars pass by on the window pane,
I will change for you, I will change.

I'm okay, I'm okay,
I'm not worn out,
paint it pink onto the broken door, broken door
I'm okay, I'm okay
when you ask me
I like it private, behind the broken door, broken door.